Be Separate From Them.

The Christian, while in the world, is not of the world. He should be distinguished from it , Visible, Functional, Loving, Unique. Christ like.

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No, We as Christians must not hide from the World. We are to be different.

For us ‘to live’ should be ‘Christ’. Whether we eat or drink or whatever we do, we should do it all to God’s Glory. You may lay up treasure: but lay it up in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroy. Where thieves do not break in and steal. You may work to be rich but you should make it your ambition to be “rich in faith” and good works. The smallest gesture, a smile, a touch, a kind word can set us apart. In our spirit as well as in our lifestyle, we should differ from the world.

Waiting humbly before God, always conscious of His Presence, delighting in fellowship with Him and seeking to know His will proves that you are a citizen of heaven. And you should be separate from the World in ‘your actions.’ If a thing is right, though YOU lose by doing it, do it anyway; if it is wrong, though you would gain from it, do not do it. You must reject the sin for your Master’s sake. You must have no fellowship with the unfruitful things of darkness but reprove them. We need to not fear, we need to be bold in our purpose and convictions.

Walk WORTHY of YOUR High Calling and with Dignity. Remember Christian, you are a CHILD of the KING of KINGS! Therefor keep yourself unstained from the world. Do not soil the fingers that are to serve the King. Do not let your eyes become the windows of lust, eyes that will soon see the King in His beauty. You must not let your feet, which are soon to walk the Golden Streets, be defiled in dirty places. Please, do NOT allow your heart to be filled with Pride and Bitterness, but prepare it to be filled with love and ecstatic joy. Overflowing to heaven.

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The Lord knows our feet will get dirty walking in through this world, as well our hands and minds. Our creator washes our feet and we are to wash the feet of our brothers and sisters. We need to be available to offer a pitcher of warm water for their hands and a good word from our Lord for the road ahead.

Then rise my soul, and soar away; Above the thoughtless crowd; Above the pleasures of the day; And the splendor of the proud: Up where eternal beauties bloom; And pleasures all divine: Where wealth, that never can consume; And endless glories shine. Phil 1:21, James 2:5

We along with others in our Christian family. Jesus’ Bride will suffer, be ridiculed for our differences. Jesus told us we will and that some may even hate us. Kill us. Because they hated Him first. I have been called names, a fanatic, a Jesus freak, and more, not very nice, certainly not fun. But it’s ok. While the comments were not given as praise, I take them as such.

The time of tribulation is coming, and by the looks of things that time may be very soon. We are not unaware of trouble even today. But Jesus is coming for us with a New Earth and a New Heaven. He will be bringing all our brothers and sisters (His Church) with Him. Our suffering will seem in comparison minor, just like that, when we get to see Him coming riding on His great White Horse. Whether we’re already Raptured or alive when He comes to judge the world I don’t know, but what I do know is we are to be ready.

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Look up Look up!

If we don’t obey Jesus and come out from among them so many lost souls could be left behind. We will be reminded of our failures at the judgement-seat and asked to explain them. As well as what blessings we conveyed, it’s all being recorded in The Book of Life.

If you had the cure for the worlds the deadliest disease or cancer would you walk around and keep it a secret?. Keep it to yourself? Or, If we look as if we have the same cancer as everyone else, just to fit in. Who will seek us out? Who will know we have the answers? Or come to us for the caring and help they need? Not the best analogy so let’s try this one. If you saw a huge semi truck barreling down the road and out of control right for the crowd standing looking at a celebrity nearby, and not paying attention, would you yell out to warn them, boldly? Or just go to see what they are looking at? It sounds silly but that is what’s happening today. Christians know, we have the answers, we know the truck is barreling down…..

Loving our neighbor as we want to be loved includes some sacrifice, some discomfort, wisdom and prayer. God has ordained and put in place every authoritative Government. All in authority He has placed for His purposes. They are agents of the Most High, therefor we as Christians must be respectful. Rom. 13:1, Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God.2. Therefore he who resists the authorities resists what God has appointed and those who resist will incur judgement.

In America we as a Republic may change our government at the ballot box.

We in the USA may petition our government for changes legally. The difference between the wild frenzied zealous protests and that of the Christian citizen should be well noticed. God is a God of order not chaos. If we behave God will bless us and hear our prayers. Prayers for our nation and its leaders. Prayers for wisdom and knowledge. Also, Prayers for the repentance and saving of lost souls.

Then joy. Much joy will come in the morning.


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