Steve Bing, Close Clinton Friend and Associate with Epstein Links, Found Dead — Nwo Report

Source: Baxter Dmitry Clinton mega-donor and close associate Steve Bing has been found dead after falling from the 27th floor of his luxury apartment building in LA’s Century City at around 1pm on June 22. He was 55. Law enforcement sources immediately claimed the financier, filmmaker, and leftwing philanthropist, committed suicide. Both Clinton and Bing were […]

Steve Bing, Close Clinton Friend and Associate with Epstein Links, Found Dead — Nwo Report

Most of Us Think That ANTIFA is Relatively New and Was Founded by Soros: What I Have Uncovered Will Shock You — Absolute Truth from the Word of God — Truth2Freedom’s Blog

Yesterday, after much research, I was able to uncover the true end game of Black Lives Matter. This organization is not about Racism. The co-founder admitted in a video that she and the other leaders are “Trained Marxists.” We suspected this but now it is confirmed right out of the horse’s mouth. The video is […]

Most of Us Think That ANTIFA is Relatively New and Was Founded by Soros: What I Have Uncovered Will Shock You — Absolute Truth from the Word of God — Truth2Freedom’s Blog

The absurd radiculousness of yesterdays, todays,…….

One more day of this painful watching of people at their worst is going to make me nuts. What in the Himmell is going on? Men want to not be men. Some want to be women some goats or infants. Women want to be men, children, unicorns whatever. The queer want parades to show themselves off as..well..queer. Anyone refusing to watch or bake them a cake gets sued. Losing their businesses, homes and property. Nobody should ever be offended, oh my!

All these groups are developing weird, dangerous, scary reputations. Having looked I can not find a good one, a good reputation anywhere. A reputation is the combined views, and opinions of another’s actions. It’s a noun. A thing by which we often base our judgements .

Black people suffer from the reputations of other black people’s actions. Because as is our nature we remember the worse things, the more potent, the shocking or salacious behavior. Hardly ever the good. Not first at least. People who apparently performed acts anathema to good works. Have provided the world with a fear creating reputation.

Sadly regular gentle everyday God-fearing, hard-working, black people can’t escape it. Just about every description, caption of the hard core angry violent black, criminals, includes the color of their skin, black. So now, it has become subliminal in everyone, blacks are to be feared. It is their reputation.

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Words have meaning and can cause consequences

We need to watch our language! The media needs to stop depicting all of us by the color of our skin! They continually describe everyone by some biased moniker that they want to get out there, for viewers, for more subscriptions, ad revenue, etc. In other words it’s for greed. But by putting so much importance on ones skin color, ethnicity, a gender, a profession or political stance these things take on an importance that is not deserved. It just focuses tighter on the issue the writer has decided you should know. Because well, it is important. No it is not.

Why not eliminate the adjectives of color or race from the media. The media are the main form of reputation makers, so let’s start there. Not enough trouble in their world? Now they are trying to make us bad because we were born white…This is so counter productive, It is pure evil. We do not have to go along with them or the radiculous ideas they try to plant in us.


Why not just say for instance in a news clip, a man or a woman, from anywhere, did this or that, to someone else?. Eliminate the use of color or race in descriptions.! They are not needed. We are not the police who may have to have a full complete description, but the rest of us do not. Not today or tomorrow. We can describe people by age, height weight, hair color complexions, nose sizes etc. Chinese, Asian, White, Black, Yellow, Purple, are not required in describing anyone or anything. Well almost anything, like nations, we need to name that characteristic, like China rules the Chinese. And COVID 19 that’s from China. Their reputation is not good now either, nor was it yesterday.

So I am advocating censorship? Well sort of.

Today the violence perpetuated by the media’s encouragement is radical, ugly, tragic and is further ruining reputations.

The looters, thieves, violent, fire causing, screaming chaos building people have ruined the reputation of decent protests and protesters. No good message was allowed to escape due to these anarchistic rioters . The Association with those of bad reputation has obscured the message. That this entire country already knew and agreed with you on ,regarding the tragic death of George Floyd. That was prior to the rioting of your protesting buddies ! Ruined reputation of grieving protestors. Obscured the reality of the event. Changed the focus.. We are known by the people we surround ourselves with.

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Together without concern

The One Thing to Remember When Someone says Sin is the Cause of your Disease

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Chronic disease hurts in many ways, which makes it harder to grasp

white oval medication pill beside blister pack
Chronic Disease hurts, in many ways!!

It’s not how we were knocked down. It’s how often, how many times we get up. Still praising God. The blind man’s story yes, and Job’s.

Zebras in a world of horses often blow up!

Mrs. Wall WRITES

You have a disease. It cripples your mornings, costs your afternoons, and keeps you up at night. You take whatever medicine the doctor tells you to take, get sick of it, try a homeopathic way, can’t do it alone, go back to your medicine, change doctors, try to find a happy medium. Start all over again.

You’re sick.

You’re tired.

You’re sick and tired of what people tell you about why you’re sick when every part of your body that’s hurting feels like it has its own heartbeat.

Then someone tells you you’re sick because of the sin in your life. You’ve heard the speeches about how you should eat better and that you did this to yourself, but you haven’t heard this before.

Please remember this one thing dear friend:

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