A Real Who done it?

Every time I turn around it seems people are looking for someone to blame for this Covid 19 scare. An upheaval and nightmare we find ourselves living in. The media and many liberal politicians as well as their constituents are salivating all over themselves in the push to blame our President. As if any one man could have come up with such an action let alone a President about to run for a new election. The man who implemented and over saw the greatest economy in this nations history. The thought of his detractors or enemies being in cahoots with China, Iran, Soros, the U.N. formulating this nightmarish concept makes much more sense.

However there is One who ultimately is liable and has a history of causing these types of shocking shakings of the world. One who is excellent at getting the attention of His creation. All throughout history our Lord has used these means to get our attention, also to change the course we were walking. The flood was more than a shaking up, however Our Father has said He would not do that exactly again. 9/11 I believe was a shaking. Remember Pharaoh way way back in the day? A leader whose bad behavior towards Gods beloved had gotten so out of hand that God brought in Moses to assist in His next shaking. Moses was quite an unlikely choice to give lectures to the head of Egypt, especially as Moses was a plain spoken man who stuttered. But that’s Our Lord for ya. I would bet that the plagues that God sent got every Egyptians attention, and the locusts, etc. They I imagine tried to exolain a lot of this away but the plague, they could not. The deaths of the first born male child of all the citizens,( except those that believed in Yahweh., The believers warned ahead of time painted lambs blood on their doorways, to show in plain site, or if you will, speak through this action of faith in God to all of Egypt). So when the angel of death passed over all of Egypt their house and family would be spared. I think the families who lost their precious sons gave attention to this shaking and experienced the possibility of a new awakening. Finally. God got all of their attention. Sure some just hardened their hearts all the more and would not believe. But I bet many did and when Gods people left Egypt finally, many new believers went with them.

Mark R. Rushdoony the President of Calchedon. An educational and publishing foundation, and a Christian worldview organization. Mr. Rushdoony also a Pastor, author, teacher and publisher, as well was his father, has made an excellent point that The Christian Church needs to realize. What he would like to remind us of is how Christians should understand that major upheavals, and the economic impact of the response is, in and of itself, not anything new. It is a shaking of God.

This plague is a major disruption that will have long-term effects. Whether the response in the country, argued over and by the media or any of the states like Illinois, Wisconsin, New York, California or yours is inappropriate , out of proportion. They should really not be of concern now. This virus will pass, and regardless of the final statistics that will eventually be tallied, the political response has produced a tremendous upheaval that will have a massive impact economically and, likely, politically. It is our general perspective of such upheavals that I want to bring into the light.

Chalcedon and many great companies, charities, non-profits and businesses , even many of our nations newer benefits of its citizens were born in a time of great upheaval and social change. When Barry Goldwater decided to run for President of the United States against John F. Kennedy as a senator for Arizona, (a time I remember but did not at that time yet understand). Goldwater projected that he could carry the West, the South (then still controlled by conservative Democrats, (yes in the past there were some), and the Midwest heartland. Which restricted Kennedy to the electoral votes of New England. It made perfect sense, and Kennedy was an ineffective (though well-liked) President, with strong opposition from his own party that had stalled his agenda in Congress.

All that changed when Kennedy was assassinated a year before the election. That was an upheaval, a shaking with significant political and even legal ramifications. Lyndon B. Johnson, a Texan, invoked the memory of the fallen president and pushed his agenda through Congress and added his own “Great Society” programs, including his “War on Poverty.” All a type of socialistic practices injected for the first time into our democracy. The political scenery changed in a day and Goldwater lost the presidential election of 1964 in a Democratic landslide. Our Potus today is continually under attack, part of which I believe are demonic attacks in nature. God is known to make shake ups that set Satan and his demons behind in their quest to wreak havoc and make straight the path to hell for the unbelievers. .

Other upheavals followed. The Civil Rights movement saw the rapid rise of Federal intervention and the repudiation of state’s rights as a tool of racism. Not all went well for the Democrats, however, as opposition to the Vietnam War became intense. Marxist revolutionaries on the one hand and hippies on the other repudiated much of American life and culture . Los Angeles was the city rocked by the first race riot in a generation.Students went crazy, marchers, protesters in every major city. Bombings were becoming commonplace. That certainly caused a national upheaval. The “sexual revolution” was evidence that the change in American life was far more than superficial; it was rooted in a prior religious shift. Humanism. Agnosticism. Abortion was introduced into our national psyche along with many promises to keep it to a minimum. They lied. Now euthanasia and infanticide are becoming more acceptable. Many countries already practice these abominations. Francis Shaeffers beloved Sweden among them.

In 1965, just nine months after Goldwater’s defeat. Many conservatives were composed of disillusioned and distressed believers; due to the revolutionary changes taking place. My family and many friends, businesses even some politicians, churches tried to shift listeners from the political perspective of these atrocities to a Christian one and emphasized the need for a change based on a self-consciously Biblical view of law and culture. The term “Christian Reconstruction” became popular to describe a process far more fundamental than a political election cycle. Francis Shaeffer was on the front lines writing and lecturing on Christian education as an essential component of this long-term, future-oriented worldview.

The change and upheavals have continued. The LGBT culture was predicted by the rise in homosexual influence and increased hostility to Christian faith. At times the upheavals have seemed hopeful, such as the fall of the Iron Curtain, then the Soviet Union, and the increase of free markets in China, yet each of these changes brought more uncertainty and a new set of dangers to light. Upheaval brings change, and because we cannot see the future, the uncertainty causes us a great deal of anxiety.

As Christians we repeat the phrase “trust in God,” but we often think of faith in a way that cannot alleviate anxiety. If faith is merely a refuge from the world in the expectation of a better world in heaven, then we are divorcing our world from any real hope, we are conceding to despair and defeat. If, however, faith in God is an assumption that unfolding events are in His Providential governance than we can believe that all things are now working together for good (Rom. 8:28) and, as those who “love God” we live in terms of this assumption. Our trust in God is our own faith that God is still on His throne, that nothing is spiraling out of control.

Our worldview controls our understanding of all human history. We put events, even the frightening upheavals of life, into the big picture of God’s working. Because this perspective, this worldview forces us to put the events of our times and our own life and work within the context of God’s sovereignty, so I prefer the term world and life view. This includes our health and potential threats to it, the economic and political forces that are beyond our control, or the natural disaster, social, or cultural forces that swirl around us.

You may be an expert in one or more of the various crises that are now brewing. I am not; I have no crystal ball as to how they will play out or when. I do know the direction of history however. I also do know the Lord and Judge of history. Through times like these it is our responsibility to reveal Him to the fearful through His Word and our faith . Also by Our personal stories.

active ash cloud ashes blaze

Psalm 28.

God brings disruptions into history when man least expects them, and we are wrong if we see such changes as in any way setting the advance of His Kingdom back (Is. 9:7; Lk. 1:33). Scripture uses an apt term for the periodic overturnings of the status quo—the “day of the Lord.” This term refers to those times when God caused a sudden correction to history, interrupting the plans of men in something of a divine reset. The Flood, the Exodus, the fall of Jerusalem, then Babylon were all major and unexpected corrections of God. The resurrection of Jesus Christ was obviously a day of the Lord as well. The plans of evil men were defeated and history proceeded in terms of God’s covenant salvation.

There is not a single “day of the Lord” but many. The writer of Hebrews compared the work of God in history to the shaking of Mount Sinai when the law was being given to Moses. The people feared the shaking. Moses feared it also. It was a warning meant to elicit fear. The present shakings of God, however, should not cause believers fear because we are to understand their purpose is the furtherance of the Kingdom of God and His Christ.

Yet once more I shake not the earth only, but also heaven.

And this word, Yet once more, signifies the removing of those things that are shaken, as of things that are made, that those things which cannot be shaken will remain. (Heb. 12:26b-27)

Because we are His, we have an eternal security. We will remain and be part of his eternal kingdom. The conclusion of that passage is to act in terms of this understanding of the shake-ups of history and to “serve God acceptably with reverence and godly fear: For our God is a consuming fire” (vs 28b-29). Rather than fear the shakings of God we must see them as His movements in history. In the vicissitudes of change we do the work of servants, constant in season and out, even while the Master is away.

Mr.Rushdooney’s father also a strong believer repeatedly said we were at the end of an age. The institutions of humanism are failing at every turn and we lurch from one crisis to another. The one we now face will pass. If it represents a change let us see it as a shaking of God so that the “things which cannot be shaken will remain.”

There will be more upheavals ahead. These are terrible times to be a pessimist and wonderful times to have faith in the power of the Holy Spirit to advance the Kingdom of God amid the divine shaking of evil men.

Evil men do not control history, so they are periodically shaken out. These shakings are to be seen in a faith that all things are purposeful in history. We need not understand how things work for good, but we are to believe they do. Personally I know they do, however it is usually through hindsight that we learn how they worked for good.

When Paul said the just, or righteous, man should live by faith (Rom. 1:17; Gal. 3:11; see also Heb. 10:38) he was quoting Habakkuk 2:4 which adds a pronoun that makes the instruction a little clearer: “The just shall live by his faith” (2:4), that is, in terms of it, as his world and life view, as his perspective on all of life.

Let us, then, live in terms of faith in God and in His Providential rule through Our Lord Jesus Christ. The shakings of God are not to be feared; they are our call to serve God with reverence and fear. It is not the Kingdom of God that is in danger, but that of all those who would supplant it.

To sleep or not to sleep?

It’s a miserable problem for some of us (maybe not you because you’re one of those weirdos who can seem to function without much sleep, or so you say or want to believe). I believe you are fooling yourself.

Scientists and researchers know that sleep is a very big deal. Think about it. They have created sleep centers. I have visited them, twice. The gadgets and gizmos they wire you up to surpass futuristic thinking. Wires are stuck to your head, your hair, your temples, your arm pits, navel (well ok forget that one), feet, ankles, calves, chest and neck. Then an oxygen recorder is placed on your finger. Abdominal belts and chest belts complete the ensemble! Next you are told to get into a bed that sits in the middle of a room with no windows (and no clocks) located in the basement of a facility that has not seen fresh air in eons! Eerie looking long corridors with closed doors dotting every few feet alert you to the realization that there are comatose, wired-up weirdos like me in them.

“Now sleep,” they say. And, just as soon as you have finally found a way to lay comfortably so that nothing is choking you, or pulling your hair or toe nails off, or beeping, with your head on a pillow made of lumpy stuff that is way too flat, they wake you up and say, “go to sleep, you’re not sleeping yet.” No kidding!

Well, I failed their test both times. In fact, one of the technicians in charge of my visit asked if I had been practicing to fail since I did it so well!

I have this intolerance to stupid. It’s not nice I know, I have tried really to be more tolerant. I just can’t. And, you can’t fix stupid either! These places dress people up in all this electrical stuff in a strange place where they don’t want you to know what time it is, don’t give you anything to help, in a bed that’s not yours with a mattress with springs that squeak, and expect you to sleep. Oh, and you can’t roll over for fear of electrocution and or stabbing.

Researchers at Harvard and in the UK, brilliant people they say these researchers are, have figured out a few things about sleep. One of those things they have determined is that we need it. Yup, we do not function well without it. Brilliant.

adult care cure doctor
Scary I know

Actually, they also decided doctors should prescribe it to their tired patients or to the immunodeficient. Patients need at least the bare minimum of 7 hours, in a row, not broken up. Yes, that’s 7 hours at Least of good sleep. More is even better (or you will die by age 60. Hey, I read it on the internet!)

Mathew Walker is the genius behind these findings. He’s a phenom in research, just ask him (unless you’re on a plane and ask him what he does for a living, and he doesn’t want to talk about it, then he says he’s a dolphin trainer.)

Now back to sleep, it is a serious issue. Lack of enough of it can kill you. Another way we know it is a big thing, congress has appropriated money for it. I was watching the State of the Union a few years ago and a Supreme Court Judge was getting some shut eye right there. Smart lady.

Babies do a lot of it and see how it helps them! Yup, they sleep a lot and are the smartest they may ever be. They learn to do everything, quickly and well because they sleep a lot. Babies get crabby when they don’t get enough of it and so do adults! They get mean, cranky, have road rage and become yelling thugs. They all have one thing in common. They are sleep deprived.

Babies learn languages, music, numbers, speech, talking, walking, exercising and completely controlling adults, all by the age of 2. Another thing, no one calls them lazy because they sleep a lot.

Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.com

Walker found out that old people still need just as much sleep as their younger counterparts. It’s a myth that they don’t. Some older people have health issues and parts wear out. There’s less of that if they slept more. Lack of sleep is also a big “no no” if you’re driving a vehicle, operating machinery or making decisions at work. Your productivity will nosedive. However, if you are always sleep deprived and that has become normal for you, then no one may notice. You will just be viewed as being in your normal state.

The above, of course does not apply to doctors. Doctors in training are always subjected to sleep deprivation, then told to make life or death decisions. No, I am serious. More people die from medical errors every year than from all 3 major health diseases combined: Heart, Cancer, and Accidents.

person pouring champagne on champagne flutes

The government is being asked to get involved, to tell people to sleep more and they will be brighter; to start school days later and have parents prove their children all got their ZZZZ’s in for the proper amounts of time, or else. Else what, they don’t know, but little Johnny will be retarded.

In all seriousness it is turning out to be a really important health giving component to our lives. So turn off computers, tvs and phones. Get rid of LED or blue lights in your bedroom. Dark is needed, your brain has important things to do and you are bothering it. Go to sleep and know this: Our sleep is cycular. We sleep in 3-hour cycles and we need several cycles each night. So you’re not lazy.

It is not laziness or slothful to require 9 to 10 hours of sleep a night. We’re each unique, some of us need early to bed and early to rise, about 30% of us actually. Then there is another 30% who go to sleep later and wake later. It’s ok, leave us alone.

President Trump and others who get by on less are harming themselves. Lack of sleep causes memory and cognitive issues, not good ones either. Sleep deprivation has even been related to Cancer and Alzheimers. Think of Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan. Both claimed to need very little sleep, they both died from Alzheimers.

So, sleep tight. Apparently, swaddling helps, hence weighted blankets! Who knew..? Babies knew……