Three G’s and a J.

So many folks that I was blessed to have deep conversations with over my many decades, often amazingly answer certain questions the exact same way.Although all were unique in age, professions, gender, wealth status. Yet similarly when asked what was their main goal in life, being happy was their answer. Happy? Happiness is nice, it’s good, sure beats angry, but it’s fleeting. It’s a feeling. A feeling based on subjective matters. Did your day go well? Did you get a raise? Good news? It’s temporary by any reality,

I think that may be why Jesus wants us to have Joy. Not just happiness. Joy is objective. It is not subjective. Jesus gives us Joy when we become His family. Even in sad times, unhappy times. Let’s face it the world we live in today is not a happy place. It’s more of a scary place. But we can have joy through it all. We know who loves us. We know who guides us, protects us. We can fear not.

I heard a story of a middle aged man who was in the hospital with a nasty brain tumor. Treatments were exhausted and he was waiting for death to take him. On the team responsible for his care was a nurse who wrote a note in her end of shift notes that Jim, (a made up name I gave him just cause I could) was inappropriately responding to his

joy painting brush
God gives it, we accept it. ReJOYce!

condition. It was not appropriate for Jim to have Joy to show Joy. She said her new goal was at the end of her life she can also be inappropriate with Joy.

Jesus gives us when we trust only in him, the fruit of the spirit, (Galatians 4). The Holy Spirit imparts it to us, and doses as needed. When we trusted in Jesus, we were through God’s Mercy, given Grace. An absolvement of punishment for our sins. All and any. Jesus bore them for us on the cross. We know this in our hearts, not just in our head. Jesus also gave us A Guarantee of a new life, no death as others know death, no fear. Nor ever being alone in times of trouble, or sadness. His strength and courage is imputed to us if we want it. He is A Guardian of our steps in this world through to the next. When we vere off the path, He comes for us and brings us back. Teaches us, disciplines us and sits us on His lap. I don’t know about you but I really need those three G’s!

That’s JOY!. Jim knew this Joy, I know this Joy. Do you have this Joy?