Thinking again, sorry but…….

It’s New Years eve. Most of the Holiday Hoopla is over. That’s good news. Holidays are supposed to be a time of family, joy, togetherness, which in some ways it is. Then there is the hurriedness, the shopping, which gift for whomever, wrapping, stress, being careful not to offend the easily offended, so we smile […]

‘They know they’ve been caught’: Limbaugh nails Dems on Trump spying | WND

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Democratic senators on Wednesday made sure the nation knows that “there was political bias, there was personal hatred bias” in the FBI’s abuse of the FISA system to investigate the Trump campaign during the 2016 presidential race. How? They’re “making it obvious here by harping on it.” Talk-radio…

The New Gnostics in Today’s Church — Lighthouse Trails Inc

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T By Bill Randles (Author of the new release, War Against the Saints) I have not written unto you because ye know not the truth, but because ye know it, and that no lie is of the truth. (1 John 2:21) The church is undergoing perhaps her final…

Liberals have become dangerously insane – AIM Truth Bits

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December 7, 2019 ? Tom Fitton tweeted: HUGE: Impeachment Abuse Expands–Schiff Implicated in Phone Records Spying Misconduct; COUP Against @RealDonaldTrump Can Still Be Stopped In House; FBI “Finds” Clinton Emails; PLUS @JudicialWatch Sues For Ukraine Coup Corruption Info. BIG Update: . For those in Rio Linda, Patriot…

What The “Expert” Panel Should Have Told You About Impeachment… But Didn’t | ZeroHedge News

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Authored by Rob Natelson via The Epoch Times, This short essay does what the House Judiciary Committee’s panel of “expert witnesses” did not successfully do. First, it explains the meaning of the Constitution’s “high Crimes and Misdemeanors” standard. Next, it discusses how that standard applies to President Donald Trump’s…