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As an entrepreneur most of my life female bias was no stranger. We were well introduced, not friends however. Gender bias is huuuuuge in the medical profession, just under the massive bias often found in business. So being a woman with more than one complex chronic medical condition you have no idea the kinds of barriers that were continually being placed in my diagnostic path. That being said, it’s partly the reason I was forged into the strong woman, yes even some called bitchy category. Men don’t care for strong attitudes and that also goes for most women. But it saved lives, mine and two children, one husband. Many friends.

There is no telling how many were impacted and saved until God releases the information when our books are opened at the last day. If even one I will rejoice.

Professionalism, courtesy were always my upfront attitude in life and business. Be nice not obnoxious, get more accomplished with honey and all that. My clients were all priority right after that of faith and family. But, Nothing could trigger my other side more than disloyalty, being lied to and that of patronization.

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It was stress and aging that forced me to spend more energy and time with medical persons, I developed heart disease. CAD, Afib, etc. It ran in my family and type A people. It took at least 5 various cardiologists, a multiplicity of tests to finally figure out all the intricacies involved in my heart (and a Godly intervention of an angel Dr and his wife showing up at just the right exact time) and then to develop a therapeutic regimen that worked! Yayyy .

Women don’t present the same as men. Especially in our cardiac symptomology or even the female cardiac structure . Being a younger patient than most text books reflect, all worked to have made the process worse than it needed to be.

Thinking out of the box does not come easy for doctors, they prefer the old trusty ways they were taught back in school. Or also called the good old days! The protocols taught are safety nets for them, however people are not all alike. One protocol is not THE protocol for the next person. That’s not all a bad thing but a great deal of it is.

And then there were: Spinal problems, chased and chaffed me for years. I had been given a miserable condition,’ Adhesive Arachnoiditis’ by a medical error! A long and miserable story, the long and short of it being it is incurable, very rare and it took a team of lawyers to get the medical profession to fess up and climb on board. I had been patronized, lied to and misdiagnosed repeatedly. So for the year plus while learning to walk again I set out to find out what the hell happened to me in that hospital in 1981. Why I woke up on the operating table during spinal surgery, paralyzed and unable to communicate with the OR staff. I could not let them know I was awake. Awake in excruciating pain and listening to them. Let me tell you that kind of thing will give you a real attitude!

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The good news from that experience was the stopping of the usage and removal from the market of the worst of those medications in the US. Also, helping to save others from the same disabling and even worse experience. The medications that were harmful to me and @200 others, and killed @ six was only part of the problem. The way it was administered is continuing to this day. Spinal injections. Although the medical literature is replete with how even water, and our blood (not someone else s but our own) mixed into the sterile spinal fluid and canal is not recognized as safe. Many doctors inject chemicals routinely into the fragile spinal canal. The damages of Arachnoiditis (fibrosing of the Arachnoid layer( just under the Dura in the spinal cord), can show up anywhere from the first to the twentieth year later! Paraplegia, horrid pain, unrelenting torment as the damage progresses through the canal and cord. Eventualy to limbs even the brain.

Spinal injections are big money makers, quick money and the recourse from it easily denied. Time is not the patients friend in these procedures. Please do all you can to familiarize with the condition and the procedure. Adhesive Arachnoiditis. Then say no to it.

How do you feel about coincidences? As far as I am concerned there is no such thing. That is why I am so happy to meet you! Hope to see you here again, come on back, I’ll put the coffee on.

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About me it asks? Yikes...... Well I am a passionate and spirited mature woman of faith. Faith in God, My Lord and Saviour must always come first. Also I am a mom, of four. I was a wife 3 times, 2 times widowed. That was rough ! Rougher in every way more than I ever thought it would be.! I had no understanding of what the loss of a spouse entails. I was caretaker to each of them until they passed from their medical catastrophies. So after the last one passed I decided enough, I was done, could not experience that kind of loss again. Besides I began to think it was safer for the males in my life if we never get married. God has a purpose for this single aloneness He has me in today. So I will wait as He slowly reveals His plan for me to come. That is just fine with me. I just know those plans are going to be interesting at the very least. I am also a braggadocious Grandmom, Stepmom, Aunt, Sister, Cousin, and Friend of many. A woman who has much to say about a great deal. An Opinionated INTJ personality. Don't know about INTJ's? Thats your problem, google it. There are'nt many of us which I heard is a good thing. Ha it's all about perception. We are frustrating to be around because we are right. About almost anything and unrelenting. Just ask us. So by popular demand, (a few friends and family suggested that I write down some my experiences, notions, opinions. Certainly not so I wouldn't drive them all crazy with my ever competing thought and comments) 'Oh For crying out loud' was born. Born once in 2015 and then, Born again. More Recently. Now it is 'Oh For Crying Out Loud & it's Echoes'. I know it's a long name but I have trouble with being short. A work in progress. As the Good Lord has seen to bless my life with many diverse and rare maladies along with a humongous family, really large in size and in its fulnessl of unique and rare nutty complex diagnosis'. It seems fitting to share the mountainous climb many of us shared through our trips and travails of medical errors and not. We need advocates in our health system, loads of them. From every genre and field. People are dieing in vast numbers . The cover ups are humongous, unbelievably tragic. And common. Blame the Insurance companies? They certainly are a great part of the problem, but then so are their lawyers! Necessary, in many many ways yes! But there are good eggs in every basket, which means usually the opposite is also true. Just like we need them, we need pain. Well we do! How otherwise would we know fires are hot or learn the dangers to stay away from? However the medical profession in all it's glory is the most eggregious! All their services and administrators should carry ever more of the burden of responsibility along with all their ever greedy lobbyists and our corrupt nonsensical governing bodies! They take the cake!! Pharmaceutical companies, medical equipment companies cavorting along in orgy style with The FDA, hahaha ,yes we need them but not the harm they also cause. Well enough about all the icky difficult news.....for now. Blessings and hugs to you and I pray your helped by these stories and thoughts . Which more are to follow soon. If even you gain just a little better understanding of the goings on behind the scenes in our medical care for you and your loved ones protection, I will rejoice and a good Truth will be shared.. Until later......SS .

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