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From the Mountain tops to the deepest Valleys From Me to You

The aim here is to be a help for anyone experiencing storms, wind and beautiful sunsets alone. Whether patient or caregiver, family or loved one it is not good to be alone. So if you need someone to lend a hand or an ear I am ready. I am here for you.

artistic blossom bright clouds
The heart from a tree alone in a vista of bold and bright.

Two emotions deep down inside, are those of humility and pride. They produce what men may see, in the life of both you and me. A haughty spirit can reside, in a heart that’s filled with pride. A humble spirit is in you and me, when we’re filled with humility. You can lift yourself up with pride, but, God’s word will not be denied. God’s word is clear and loud. God will humble all the proud. Men may believe that they are wise, but that is only in their eyes. For all pride, my dear friend, by the Lord shall be condemned. On the cross there was no pride, as Jesus Christ our Savior died.

Fear can be found in loneliness, fear often masquerades as worry, anxiety, even selfishness. In our aging we experience many changes physically, socially, metabolically and loss. We worry, but really it is fear, we are afraid of the unknown. Worry is sin, it is mentioned often in the Bible for us to avoid it. Each day is sufficient for itself. I recall a quip made to me one day by one of my sons. He was being flip most likely but it resonated with me. He said ‘A hundred years from now no one will care or have even heard of…..(insert here what worries you). It’s true.

Also, anxiety is confused with worry, really it is fear disguised by our enemy. We fear our loss of purpose, loss of vigor, and on and on…. Male or female. Could even fall into the envy, jealousy trap. That the Bible tells us can rot our bones. Our fall and winter years are blessings. Envy of others, younger or experiencing fuller lives is a road we must not travel. That road can lead to ruin your spiritual hunger. That envy of others breeds a destructive spirit and brings on chaos. We must avoid envy and jealousy at all costs. Fear in and of itself is not bad, it is not sin. Worry, anxiety, self centered, envy, jealousy are sin. Which can ruin lives, lead to self-pity. That sin can cause a type of spiritual leukemia.

man old depressed headache

Moving in and living in fear is again harmful to our relationships and is a signal all is not right with our place near God. Worry is sin, if you’re a believer.

As in most of this list all of these are human traits that Jesus understands and has promised to guide us through, lift us through and give us renewed strength and purpose. The sin is in our doubting Him. Doubting His willingness or ability, that comes from the evil one whispering on the wind. We must not believe it.

Men especially fear the loss of their profession. They pride themselves in their successes, accomplishments, finances, friends. They place their self-worth in within their work. Women fear equally the loss of family. Loss of position, being needed. We need to nurture. We take pride in our children, in the people they become. But they grow up and out and our self-worth makes us also ponder, what’s next. Could I have done better? The answer is yes, we all could have and even today because we are not finished. Both genders can share these changes individually depending on our earlier lives. The fears of these new changes are actually tricks of the evil one to keep us from seeing the new opportunities Christ has in store for us.

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There is a plan. Wait for it, look for it, expect it. We must not let our pride or our ego’s get involved. Discouragement often shows up if we lose sight of the fact that there is a plan, a purpose for each of us, we must not lose sight of the big picture, and stay as close as possible to our community of faith.

Christ had displayed for us humility, As the Savior of all humanity. The eternal God far from weak, was to all men humble and meek. God’s example is for all to behold, His Word will not grow old. Friend pride can be a hindrance To the life Christ has given to us. Pride will never be used by God, but shall be judged. By His rod. Allow Christ’s humble Spirit within, then you shall be used by Him. As only a meek and humble life, truly displays the power of Christ.

I believe that God is good always and in in all ways.. Thankfully, I have lived long enough to have shared so many blessings. To have experienced some of His greatness and goodness personally. We live in potentially discouraging days. But arresting discouragement or fear before it ever gets on the property of our heart and mind will keep it from taking over and stopping the work God is doing in and through us.

Gal.6:9, Neh. 4;1, Jn.4:18, Hebrews 2:14-15 Gen.26:14, Luke 15.

Three G's and a J.

So many folks that I was blessed to have deep conversations with over my many decades, often amazingly answer certain questions the exact same way.Although all were unique in age, professions, gender, wealth status. Yet similarly when asked what was their main goal in life, being happy was their answer. Happy? Happiness is nice, it’s good, sure beats angry, but it’s fleeting. It’s a feeling. A feeling based on subjective matters. Did your day go well? Did you get a raise? Good news? It’s temporary by any reality,

I think that may be why Jesus wants us to have Joy. Not just happiness. Joy is objective. It is not subjective. Jesus gives us Joy when we become His family. Even in sad times, unhappy times. Let’s face it the world we live in today is not a happy place. It’s more of a scary place. But we can have joy through it all. We know who loves us. We know who guides us, protects us. We can fear not.

I heard a story of a middle aged man who was in the hospital with a nasty brain tumor. Treatments were exhausted and he was waiting for death to take him. On the team responsible for his care was a nurse who wrote a note in her end of shift notes that Jim, (a made up name I gave him just cause I could) was inappropriately responding to his

joy painting brush
God gives it, we accept it. ReJOYce!

condition. It was not appropriate for Jim to have Joy to show Joy. She said her new goal was at the end of her life she can also be inappropriate with Joy.

Jesus gives us when we trust only in him, the fruit of the spirit, (Galatians 4). The Holy Spirit imparts it to us, and doses as needed. When we trusted in Jesus, we were through God’s Mercy, given Grace. An absolvement of punishment for our sins. All and any. Jesus bore them for us on the cross. We know this in our hearts, not just in our head. Jesus also gave us A Guarantee of a new life, no death as others know death, no fear. Nor ever being alone in times of trouble, or sadness. His strength and courage is imputed to us if we want it. He is A Guardian of our steps in this world through to the next. When we vere off the path, He comes for us and brings us back. Teaches us, disciplines us and sits us on His lap. I don’t know about you but I really need those three G’s!

That’s JOY!. Jim knew this Joy, I know this Joy. Do you have this Joy?

Thinking again, sorry but…….

It’s New Years eve. Most of the Holiday Hoopla is over. That’s good news.

Holidays are supposed to be a time of family, joy, togetherness, which in some ways it is. Then there is the hurriedness, the shopping, which gift for whomever, wrapping, stress, being careful not to offend the easily offended, so we smile a lot. Tolerate the noise and confusion, which at a much younger age was part of the fun. These days, the wiser, elder days as they are called, not so much.`

Writing out cards (even to the people we see every day and will see at the festivities, Do you understand why we do that?) We lug around car loads of gifts, we put up all matter of decorations, inside, outside, just to take them down again. Grocery shopping,( not to be confused with the gift shopping), preparing, cleaning, cooking, serving, eating, wrapping, wasting, singing, sharing, snapping pictures. And then it’s done. Meanwhile……

This is the thinking part….for me, a Mother, Grandmother, Great Grandmother I wish for things not so mundane, not just the traditional or obligatory matters incorporated into these Holidays. I thought of the drinking, the eagerness of it. I thought of Jesus at the wedding, making wine out of water. No one it seems gave a thought about it, where it came from and why is never mentioned. The wedding guests were there by invitation. Probably most of the village, neighborhood or town was invited, back in the day.

The Drinking of anything takes no preparation, anyone can do it, if a liquid is available. We are born ready willing and able to suck it right down. At any time in almost any place. God said every thirsty one is welcome. Only one requirement is needed, we must be thirsty. Even if the thirst is of greed, ambition, pleasure, knowledge, sinner tired or the weary, are invited to come to drink. What a gift.! Irrespective of persons God calls us to drink of Him, with Him. We invite friends, family, colleagues to our Holiday celebrations, . He also invites us, we need an invitation to attend, to drink of Him. His call, His invitation is the act of truly being thirsty.

I looked around at my family this year and wondered if any there were thirsty? Really thirsty for more than what was made available by our host. I know a few had drank of Him, truly, but I care about those younger not yet thirsty. How do we get thirsty? We have a built-in need for water, we are actually made up of a lot of water. Pretty clever of our creator, right? However, that is one of the first places our evil nemesis distorted.

person wearing guys fawkes mask watching flame

Advertisements for an abundance of thirst quenchers invade our spaces daily. Temporary thirst quenchers with no effect on the soul. Our souls as I look around and listen are very dehydrated, sick even. Where is the teaching, the advertising for the souls thirst quencher? It is to be taught us by our parents, early on, modeled for us every day, what this thirst inside us feels like, the thirstiness that can not be quenched except by Jesus, Our Lord God. The culture of today runs from it, and they seek refreshing in all the wrong places. With beverages that increase

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the dehydration. Our culture, even at the Holidays have seriously dehydrated, nauseous, souls. Sadly those who need it are of the mind set that they are not welcome. Their china, tea cups are cracked or broken, ashamed of the poverty in their souls. Who taught that? A depraved dehydrated lost culture is who.

person pouring beer on clear cup

There are no requirements, no BYOB, just thirst. Are you thirsty? You need no golden cup, no fine china, to convey the water to the thirsty, The mouth of poverty is welcome to stoop down and drink of the life giving stream.Blistered, dried cracked, leprous and filthy lips may touch the stream of divine love and not pollute the stream, but rather be healed, purified by it.

photo of grayscale house
Poverty need not keep us from Him

Our Redeemer lives, He loves us, and he calls out to us saying, “If anyone thirsts, let him come to me and drink. ” Our sinfulness, our dehydrated souls are not barriers to the invitation to believe in Jesus. Come be purified. Quench the deep thirst of body and soul.

man kneeling in front of cross
John 3:16

Unimaginable Promises — Barnstorming

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‘They know they’ve been caught’: Limbaugh nails Dems on Trump spying | WND

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Democratic senators on Wednesday made sure the nation knows that “there was political bias, there was personal hatred bias” in the FBI’s abuse of the FISA system to investigate the Trump campaign during the 2016 presidential race.


They’re “making it obvious here by harping on it.”

Talk-radio host was commenting on Wednesday’s hearing in the Senate featuring Inspector General Michael Horowitz.

His investigation found a massive list of failures on the part of the Obama administration regarding its investigation into the Trump campaign in 2016. He also said he found no evidence of political bias, but then without subpoena power he could only investigate what people voluntarily told him.

Rush Limbaugh explained the realities of the situation.

“So [Sen.] Lindsey Graham was great in his opening statement exposing all of this. Then it got to questioning of Horowitz. ‘I think, well, there’s no bias, no documentary evidence, poor Carter…

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The New Gnostics in Today’s Church — Lighthouse Trails Inc

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By Bill Randles
(Author of the new release, War Against the Saints)

I have not written unto you because ye know not the truth, but because ye know it, and that no lie is of the truth. (1 John 2:21)

The church is undergoing perhaps her final assault from within, as she has been beset with a new wave of Gnostics who have entered in.

What is Gnosticism? One definition of Gnosticism states:

Gnosticism was built on Greek philosophy that taught matter was evil and the Spirit was good. . . . So-called “Christian Gnostics” said since matter was evil, God could not really incarnate in a human body; He only appeared in human form and only appeared to suffer, but basically, it was an illusion. . . .

Prior to Christianity, the Gnostics taught that man is composed of body, soul, and spirit. The body and the…

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Liberals have become dangerously insane – AIM Truth Bits

Wake Up To The Truth

Tom Fitton tweeted:

HUGE: Impeachment Abuse Expands–Schiff Implicated in Phone Records Spying Misconduct; COUP Against @RealDonaldTrump Can Still Be Stopped In House; FBI “Finds” Clinton Emails; PLUS @JudicialWatch Sues For Ukraine Coup Corruption Info. BIG Update: https://youtu.be/C2LH7T1tb5E


For those in Rio Linda, Patriot David explained in a comment box to his internet friends:

Hillary allegedly planned and motivated since July 2016, all the alleged corruption of this Coup to frame the President of criminal acts that they actually did. Hillary emails was the alleged communicator to the Clinton Foundation, a large subsidiary of the Globalist who were partnered for many years to bring the United States to a 3rd world status for “more” power/money. IMO; everyone involved in the Coup are all traitors to the Constitution and the American People and the punishment should be Extremely Harsh.

PDJT Retweeted: Tom Fitton

FBI has now lost TWICE in…

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The Return of the Conqueror

And I saw heaven opened, and behold, a white horse, and He who sat on it is called Faithful and True, and in righteousness He judges and wages war. His eyes are a flame of fire, and on His head are many diadems; and He has a name written on Him which no one knows except Himself. He is clothed with a robe dipped in blood, and His name is called The Word of God. (19:11–13)

As it did in 4:1, heaven opened before John’s wondering eyes. But unlike 4:1, heaven opens this time not to let John in, but to let Jesus out. The time has come at last for the full, glorious revelation of the sovereign Lord. This is the time to which all of Revelation (as well as all of redemptive history) has been pointing, the time of which Jesus Himself spoke…

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What The “Expert” Panel Should Have Told You About Impeachment… But Didn’t | ZeroHedge News

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Authored by Rob Natelson via The Epoch Times,

This short essay does what the House Judiciary Committee’s panel of “expert witnesses” did not successfully do.

First, it explains the meaning of the Constitution’s “high Crimes and Misdemeanors” standard. Next, it discusses how that standard applies to President Donald Trump’s interactions with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. Finally, it details the kind of evidence the House Judiciary Committee should gather to determine whether the president committed an impeachable offense.

Many phrases in the Constitution—such as “necessary and proper,” “Privileges and Immunities,” and “Convention for proposing Amendments”—carry specialized 18th century meanings not obvious to the modern reader. Recall that most of the leading Founders were lawyers and the Constitution is a legal document. Some of these phrases derive from 18th century law.

Therefore, to understand them you have to consult 18th century legal materials in addition to better-known sources such as the…

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Originally posted on New Human New Earth Communities: Alt-Market by Brandon Smith A fundamental pillar of true free markets is the existence of choice; the availability of options from production to providers to purchase mechanisms without interference from governments or corporate monopolies. Choice means competition, and competition drives progress. Choice can also drive changes within…

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“Do You Honestly Think I’m Intimidated?” Giuliani Puts the DC Swamp on Notice, “I’m Going to Bring Out a Massive Pay-to-Play Scheme Under Obama Admin” — The Gateway Pundit

Go get ’em Mr. Mayor

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Rudy Giuliani

President Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani put the DC swamp on notice on Saturday.

Giuliani reminded the DC swamp that he previously cleaned up mafia in New York and asked them, “Do you honestly think I’m intimidated?”

He also said he’s going to bring out a massive pay-to-play scheme under the Obama Administration that will “devastate the Democrat Party” — a scheme that Giuliani said the Washington press covered up for years!

RUDY GIULIANI: “I discovered a pattern of corruption that the Washington press covered up for years! I’m also going to bring out a massive pay-for-play scheme under the Obama Administration that will devastate the Democrat Party. Do you honestly think I’m intimidated?”

“The Mafia couldn’t kill me so NO, I am not worried about the swamp press!” Giuliani said in a follow-up tweet.

Giuliani presented a letter to Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham with evidence…

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